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Venado Caves

Venado CavesThe Venado Caves are made of limestone rocks, stalactites, stalagmites and corals, and they are located only 35 minutes from La Fortuna of San Carlos. The caves were formed during the Miocene period, 15 or 20 million years ago. For many years they were under sea level and due to tectonic movements they surfaced. The Guatuzos aborigines discovered the caves.

Bilingual guides will take you on a walking tour inside the caves, where you will see the stalactites and stalagmites limestone formations. Some with very specific forms, just to name a few, we find "La Papaya" and "Lions head." The caves contain four different species of bats and numerous types of spiders. Shine your flashlight above and watch the bats fly about or attached to the walls looking down at you. Be prepared to get wet and muddy as you wade through an underground river. If you choose, you can crawl through tight challenging tunnels. Video cameras and photographs are prohibited from being taken into the caves. For the most secure footing, we recommend that you wear hiking boots for your visit, although a good pair of sneakers or sport sandals will do just fine. Flashlight, helmets and rubber boots (optional) are provided. Bring a set of extra clothes as complimentary showers are available.

Departure: 8am and 2pm
Price: $75


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